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Let's start out with this... Welcome to X-Men RPS!

First off, if you haven't figured it out already, this is an RPS community. That's Real Person Slash (or real people doing fictional things) for those that don't know. If that's not your thing hit the back button RIGHT NOW.


1.) No bashing. No flames. Things of that nature will not be tolerated. Warnings will be issued and banning could occur if the mods feel it's necessary.

2.) This is a X-Men movie series oriented community, thus all posts must be related to the movies and the actors.

3.) Fic, art, icons and other fannish endeavors must be labeled and given proper warnings. (Not everyone has the same likes/dislikes/squicks, so please be considerate of your fellow members.) Please use a basic header with all the info (pairing, rating, warnings, etc).

4.) Fics, icons and the like should be put behind a lj-cut. Check the LJ FAQ's to find out how if you don't already know. Tagging entries will be handled by the mods until otherwise noted. And, for the sake of other members, don't link back to a Friends-Locked entry.

5.) Although it says RPS, RPF is also acceptable. As long as it follows the other rules, of course.

6.) All entries should remain Friends-Locked unless otherwise noted by a moderator. Which means you must be a member to view the posts. Membership is currently open, though.


And that about wraps things up. Questions may be directed to the mod (ladyames) or the co-mod (othersideoftime). If you'd like to affiliate with us, please message one of the mods. And if you'd like to spread the love, have a tiny banner:


Now, enjoy!

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